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Privacy Policy

At Vacation Internationale, Inc. (“VI”) and Vacation Ownership Sales, Inc. (“VOS”), we recognize the sensitive nature of your nonpublic personal information (“NPI”) and are committed to protecting your privacy. We have prepared this privacy statement to explain what kind of NPI we collect, how we use it, who has access to it, and how you may opt out of having it disclosed to others.

What kind of NPI we collect

We collect the following types of NPI:

  • NPI we receive from you on our purchase documents and other forms, which may include your social security number, employment, income, expenses, and assets;
  • NPI we receive from you regarding your transactions and experiences with us;
  • NPI that we receive through your use of the Vacation Internationale websites ( and, including log files stored on the web server saving details such as your IP address, email and user name, and cookies that may be used to remember your preferences when interacting with the website.
  • NPI we receive from our affiliates and others, such as specialized marketing firms, including your name, e-mail and mailing address, telephone number, and demographic and household information; and
  • NPI we receive from consumer reporting agencies, including information about your credit worthiness and repayment history.

How we use your NPI

Most of the NPI that we collect assists us in delivering the services you request. It may also help us design and offer specific products and services that we believe will be beneficial to you.

Who has access to your NPI

Within the VI and VOS, employees are only permitted access to the information they need to perform their jobs. Additionally, we may share your NPI with our affiliates as well as with the following non-affiliated third parties, but only as permitted by law.

  • Outside Service Providers – In accordance with standard industry practice, we may disclose NPI to non-affiliated third parties providing services necessary to serve you. For example, we work with specialized firms that purchase our loans and generate account statements for our borrowers. These companies are required to safeguard your information and use it only for authorized purposes.
  • Joint Marketing Partners – From time to time, we may disclose NPI to non-affiliated third parties that have entered a joint marketing agreement with us in order to provide you with specialized products and services. These marketing partners are contractually required to safeguard the confidentiality of your NPI.
  • Consumer Reporting Agencies – In accordance with standard industry practice, we routinely provide NPI to consumer reporting agencies in the course of determining your financial status. However, these agencies, as well as any company furnishing information to them, are regulated by the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, which ensures the privacy of information in consumer reports, among other things.
  • Legal and Governmental Authority – We may disclose NPI for purposes of protecting confidentiality, preventing fraud, responding to judicial process or appropriate regulatory authorities, or complying with federal, state, or local laws. In these circumstances, only the specific information required by law, subpoena, or court order will be disclosed.

How to opt out of having your NPI disclosed

You may always opt out of having your NPI disclosed; however, any request to opt out of disclosure will generally only prevent disclosure to certain non-affiliated third parties. In the event you are no longer a customer, we will continue to maintain your privacy preference and abide by any opt-out request. If you wish to opt out of disclosure, please call (800) 444-6633.


Changes to our privacy policy

We may modify or supplement this Privacy Policy in the future. If we make material changes, we will provide you with a revised notice that describes our new practices and will give you a reasonable opportunity to opt out of the disclosure of information under the revised Privacy Policy.

Contact us about privacy

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy practices, or the way in which your NPI is maintained and used, please write to: Vacation Internationale, Inc., Attn: Owner Services, 1417 - 116th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004.

Revised: 6-11-14